Other Kits                                  (these are kits only)

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1/5 Scale Pica Waco Kit.            $225.00 + shipping

  -72" wing span

  -.60-90 two stroke

  -.90-1.20 4 stroke

  -12-13 lbs

  This is a very clean complete kit. Box is in almost perfect shape . No

   water damage and from a smoke free home. Always stored in a dry





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1/8 scale Pica Corsair Laser Cut Kit.  (very rare)    $200.00 + shipping

  -61.5" wingspan

  -.40-.61 two stroke

  -6-8 lbs.

  This kit is from the last run that Pica made. Its interlocking  Laser Cut

  for a  true build. The box is in perfect condition with no water marks.  

  and from a  smoke free home.













!/4 scale Sig Cub Kit.               $225.00 + shipping         ($300.00 new)

   -105" wing span 

  -.60-1.5 cu in glow/gas

  This kit is brand new , never opened. still sealed in factory  clear

   plastic wrap. Hands down the best Cub kit ever produced. I have 

   built a couple of these kits . Great scale lines and they fly so 

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  1/4 scale Clipped Wing Cub          $220.00 + shipping     ($300 new)

     -86" wingspan

    -.60-1.5 cu in glow or gas engine.

    -This kit is brand new, never opened and still sealed in factory clear

     plastic wrap. A great build and nice flying cub. I built one of these to,

     sweet airplane.












  Midwest Super Stinker.      IMAA legal 27%    $220.00 + shipping

     -60' wingspan

     -1.08 to 3.0 cu in engine

     This is another complete pristine kit . Box is in factory new     

      condition ,, flawless. Stored in a dry smoke free home. Aerobatic













  Flair 1/4 scale Fokker Triplane           $190.00  + shipping

    -72" wingspan

    -.90-1.20 four stroke engine

   This is a very popular triplane kit imported from the UK. Fun build and

   a nice flying plane.  This is a complete pristine kit. Always stored in

   a dry smoke free home.