Making kits for people who want to build kits

Easy to build !

For the first time builder, the Nifty 50 and the Flyer .40/.60 are the perfect models  for learning the basics of conventional model aircraft construction. For the builder who has a little experiance, framing up a Florio kit ready to cover can take as little as  8 to 12 hours . These kits have updated step by step instructions with lots of photos as seen below. The construction is simple and straight forward . Using contest grade hand select balsa and John Florio's unique proven design, makes for a super light but very strong model.

Go ahead, be someone different. Show up at your field with something that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Build a Florio Flyer. You will love the preformance and the way they fly.


(Click the icon in the lower right hand corner of each set to get a full screen view.)


Nifty 50 construction (21 photos )

Pure simple fun for the beginner and the expert.

Flyer .40 and .60 construction (30 photos)

When you fly a Flyer .40 or a .60, you will see why John and Jim Florio were untouchable in the day of the highly competative fun fly competitions. With over 400 first place trophies, their skills and designs have proven themselfs time and time again.

Nifty 50 electric conversion (5 photos)

The electric conversion for the Nifty 50 consists of four simple modifications to the fuselage to complete. The instructions to do the conversion are included with the kit.