About Us

Dan Fedorko

Phone: (484) 547-7770

Email:  greatflyerrc@yahoo.com

Please be patient with me. Since I am doing this part time, there may be times when a kit or two will be temporarily out of stock. Like most of you, I have a job, a family and other intrests that take up my days and run into the evenings. I will do my best to keep my inventory up and communicate with you if there will be any delays. I just want to do it right.

I  got started in r/c modeling when I was a kid back in 1980. I remember the days going out to the Florio's house and Mrs. Florio saying with a smile "the kids are in the shop, go on down." Hanging out in the basement, Mr. Florio would  answer all the endless questions I had on just about everything r/c. I remember Jimmy (a kid himself then) on the other side of the shop designing and building the next generation of fun fly airplanes. Like his Dad, Jimmy put up with all the questions and made me feel right at home. For the few short years I got to fly with John and Jim at our make shift flying field, I learned alot from them.  The Flyer 60 became my favorite airplane back then and still is my number one to this day. So when Jimmy asked me if I would like to carry on he and his Dads work, how could I say no!

 John is no longer with us now.  He and Jimmy have left me and thousands of other modelers with some great model airplane designs to build and fly. I will do my best to keep them out there for everyone to enjoy.


                                                                        loops and Rolls,